Daniel Salazar is driven by trying to understand this truly magnificent experience of being alive, and to giving it voice though creative expression. Through listening, observing, and relating, he strives to capture the essence of the people he films. Weddings are events filled with many exquisite details, emotions, and moments that make each one completely singular. Daniel has more than 10 years of experience in Video and Film production and has filmed hundreds of weddings, making his expertise and skill exemplary. 

Shying away from more formulaic approaches, Daniel and his team rely on experience and instincts when faced with the challenges of filming weddings. Thriving to blend in with the surroundings and working within changing parameters, they see challenges as opportunities for creativity, and the results of their efforts are outstanding. 

Seventh Ray Films was built on a commitment to offering a personal approach to clients on one of the most important days of your lives. There's no better reward than hearing and seeing the emotional reaction a wedding film can make, not only for the couple but for their family and loved ones as well. 

Daniel is currently engaged and plans on getting married in 2018.