Houston, an International City. The Wedding of Alice & Stuart.

This past month of December we were working VERY hard not only editing all of our Fall 2016 catalogue weddings but also prepping for 2017. One of the weddings we are currently working on is Alice and Stuart Harkness (super cool last name). Stuart is from Scotland and Alice is from Vietnam, and they make such an awesome couple! I can not stop smiling every time I see their Trailer. You get a glimpse of what they both are like and how those details they work on for so many months and so hard came together to make each, and every one of their guests, enjoy a terrific evening. Check out The Trailer below and feel how much of a difference it makes having a Wedding Filmmaker at your Wedding. In today's time, a video is very important at capturing the memories and essence of your Wedding day. If you have not yet considered it, please contact us and I would love to take you through our simple process.

May this New Year bring you lots of Love and Happiness. Whatever it is that you celebrate, enjoy each and every moment. Cheers!


- Daniel Salazar